Plum Grapes Smoothie – A Very Simple Smoothie Recipe

Here is my first smoothie ever called the plum grapes smoothie, and yes, you haven’t misheard: it’s my first smoothie made – like ever! Just call me a late bloomer and let’s leave it at that :)

This is how it all started. A while ago we got a blender with an extra attachment for grinding coffee – which is really what I have used this machine for until now. A few days ago, however, I wanted to learn to make my own chicken liver pate since it’s much healthier than what it’s sold in the supermarket in the tins. And this is where I learned that to do that I need a blender…

And I remembered my old blender that I never used at all except with the coffee grinding attachment. So then I started to look online for other things I can use this blender with – and from my research it seems that what the blender is really loved for is to make smoothies.

fruits for smoothie
So here I am looking in my fridge for some fresh fruits. Because we’re just before weekend, I didn’t have many things as Saturday is our main shopping day, but I did find a few plums and a few white grapes. I washed them, put them in a plate, cut the plums in small pieces (I took the photo below before doing this last step), and then put everything in my blender along with a few ice cubes and a bit of  orange juice.

I had yogurt and even the healthy Greek yogurt (afterall if you live in Cyprus, you can’t but have Greek yogurt at home), but while I love yogurt, I never liked it mixed with anything else. So no yogurt in my smoothie.


And finally after about 1 minute of working the blender, I got my smoothie. First of all the color – it was a dark red with dark blue spots. Hm, plums have dark blue skin, but the pulp is yellow and the grapes are green. What gives the dark red?

plum grape smoothie

Nevermind the color (which I actually like!), what about the taste? Well I have to say, I’m sold, and while this was myfirst ever smoothie, it won’t be my last. I have now so many ideas on what other things to add to create fun smoothie recipes, from grapes to oranges, bananas and everything else in between.

And of course I will make my foie gras (chicken liver pate) this weekend, and will let you know how it went.

How are you using your blender, what types of recipes you make?

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  1. Emily says:

    Mmm sounds good!

  2. Liz says:

    Aren’t you glad you experimented? I’ll bet it tastes super delicious!

  3. Nicole B says:

    That is such an interesting choice for smoothies. I guess we are boring at my house b/c we usually do the same old bananas and strawberry type smoothies. I’m glad you liked how yours turned out. I’ll have to toss some grapes in next time I make a smoothie and see what happens! :)

  4. lisaauch says:

    I love zapping the fruit and seeing what I can create and so tasty too :)

  5. Jenny says:

    I love to use my blender to make banana ice cream! So fast and delicious!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I love coming up with new fruit concoctions to put in the blender!

  7. Marysa says:

    This looks yummy!

    I have been making kale smoothies. Just coconut milk, kale, and fruit (frozen strawberries or bananas). It really is good, even though I have had a lot of people doubt me. Then I’ve made it for them and they thought it was pretty good!

  8. Mihaela says:

    You are so funny! I love all kinds of fruits combined and lately we add greens in it, too, for an even healthier mix. But my last favorite is something a friend researching nutrition discovered: a simple fruit ice cream. She defrosts just a bit frozen fruits and blends them. They are still frozen enough to delight as ice cream but she adds no extra sugar or milk. Only the fruits. Mike and I added some cinnamon for extra flavor and sometime shaved coconut. I love it. Healthy, cold and yummy! We tried all kinds of fruits separately or mixed. I loved the bananas this way. They are good frozen and made ice cream when they get those brown spots, so they get softer.
    Have fun and enjoy!

  9. Rita O'Neal says:

    I love making fruit smoothies. The kids love them and they are healthy. It’s a win, win. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jade Samson says:

    I love making mango smoothie! It’s my favorite.

  11. mel says:

    Yum! This sounds so unbelievably good!!

  12. I make a shake almost every day in my little blender. This sounds very yummy!

  13. Daisy says:

    I’ve never tried grapes in a smoothie, but I have some in the fridge right now and want to try this!

  14. I never would have thought to put grapes in a smoothie. I love experimenting with different fruits. I also use cocoa powder in a lot of my fruit smoothies. It gives it a cocoa taste without adding a ton of calories.

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