Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife – Book Review

I’ve just finished reading Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife and I’ve decided to review it, since I’ve been talking about oil pulling anyway recently on my blog.

oil pulling therapy

I’ve read tons of health benefits of doing oil pulling, not only for teeth and oral health, but also for the health of the entire body. However it is one thing to read what other bloggers say (like me), and quite another to read a book written by a professional on the topic.

In fact this book has been recommended a lot on the oil pulling Curezone forum so I decided to pick it up and read it. I’ve already talked briefly about this book in my oil pulling post, but I thought such a great book deserves a separate post as well.

Now I already knew that oil pulling works when I started reading this book, but what it really did for me was strenghten my belief that I am doing the right thing – and more importantly the right way.

Dr. Bruce Fife states in the book that “all disease starts in the mouth” and he is right. There are many chronic illnesses that could be prevented if just a better mouth care were practiced. We take food through our mouth, our saliva goes from the mouth to the stomach and the air is going through the mouth and nasal passages as well. While nutrition goes through the mouth, so do toxins, viruses, bacteria and all sorts of germs.

I was really pleased to see the author talk about Dr.Weston A Price and his non-profit foundation. I’ve been following their website and have read about his research of many years in various exotic places in the world where people are much healthier than those of us in the Western world. Also Weston A Price talks about the dangers of rootcanals, of amalgams and other dentist ‘screw-ups’ so to speak. So the fact that Bruce Fife touched on this aspect in his book is a major plus point with me.

The first part of the book talks about the many diseases that oil pulling can prevent or at least lessen. From lung and bronchial infections to arthritis, toothaches, stomach and heart diseases, as well as complications during pregnancy – these are all problems that can occur or worsen due to gum diseases. The same gum diseases that oil pulling can keep from ever happening.

Next Fife talks about the ‘deadly dentistry’, the dangers of root canals, the poisonous amalgam fillings, and which material is good and which is not so good to use by dentists in their praxis.

And another big red star from me gets the chapter talking about fluoride – the poison that did more for our Western society in being in ill health than anything else combined. I am a strong advocate of getting rid of fluoride from our water supplies and especially from toothpastes, and I won’t rest until more and more people will learn to stop using these at home. Did you now that fluoride is much more poisonous than lead  and just a bit less poisonous than arsenic? That’s what fluoride is, and that’s what is added regularly to the toothpastes!

The author gives a nice recipe for making your own toothpaste without fluoride, something that I will have to try soon. I do use a commercial toothpaste without fluoride, but homemade things are much better than commercial ones anyway, and if I’ve already made my own deodorant, why not make my own toothpaste as well?

From chapter 5 we are presented with the ‘miracle of oil pulling’ as the author so eloquently puts it. Oil pulling originates from Ayurveda in India, an ancient alternative healing form that was practiced for thousands of years in those parts of the world.

There is a lot of information in this chapter about the history of oil pulling, why it works, testimonials of people who actually did oil pulling, published studies that prove that oil pulling works, and what kinds of health problems did oil pulling help for people. It’s one of the best chapters that really drilled into my brain the importance of oil pulling on a daily basis.

Next, chapter 6 is the real meat of the book: how to do the oil pulling with step by step instructions. It tells you how to do it, what to avoid and why should you do what you do. It explains why swallowing that oil is bad, and where it’s best disposed (personally I dispose of it in my toilet, but definitely NOT in the sink!).

It discusses the various oils that are good for pulling with and focuses on the virgin coconut oil as being the best oil to pull with. I’m actually using coconut oil myself, and I love it!

Something that I was wondering about was the Herxheimer reactions, the healing crisis that might occur, something that many people might go through and stop with oil pulling because they think it’s bad for them. This is basically the detox effect that happens with oil pulling, including various symptoms of cleansing. I was aware of some of them, but not of all.

In fact I knew about the Herx reaction from taking iodine (in the form of Lugol’s iodine), which detoxes the body from fluoride and bromide, so it was not a new concept for me. But it’s good to know of all the symptoms that various people might experience – some might not feel these at all!

Btw right now from oil pulling I have something that I haven’t experienced in years – cold sore on my lower lip and peeling lips. I’ve read on various places, including on Curezone that cold sores are a common reaction to starting with oil pulling due to the swishing around in the mouth stirring up viruses and the toxins that are just under the skin coming to the surface. The important part here is to continue with oil pulling through these symptoms and not stop, else everything would have been for nothing.

There is much more to the book than that, but I would have to write a book myself just to mention everything included here. Suffice to say that it is truly the only one book you’d ever want to read to learn about oil pulling and why it’s anyone’s best interest to start with this simple, cheap and easy – not to mention healthy habit that anyone at home can begin, given only 15-20 minutes at a day. I really recommend this book.

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  1. I try to do oil pulling with Organic Coconut Oil once a week. I definitely feel it is a good health habit to do. I also changed to Certified Organic Toothpaste and Deoderant in 2008. I can not even imagine using a store bought product today. Great message and one that surely more individuals need to hear. Thanks!

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